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Here are selections of local activities.
We, at Trollveggen Camping can help you with information and reservations. We would also be delighted to help you put together an exciting program, if you wish.

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Trollveggen Besøkssenter

Se filmen om Trollveggens dramatiske historie. Kafeteria og souvernirer. Bare 500 fra Trollveggen Camping!

Les mer på www.visit-trollveggen.com

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Skiing/hiking in the Romsdal Alps

Skiing/hiking in the Romsdal Alps, summer and winter. Trollveggen Camping is in the middle of the majestic Romsdal Alps. The mountains here are perfect for all kind of skiing and hiking.
More information: www.skiromsdal.no , www.tinderogbanditter.com , www.romsdal.com , www.toppturer.com

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Mosk safari

Take a day and travel to the Dovrefjell mountain plateau on mosk safari. There is a guided tour, where there is a good opportunity to see these amazing animals.

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Fishing in Rauma River

Rauma River was previously one of the best salmon and Trout Rivers in the country, with an annual catch of over 10 tonnes. Unfortunately the populations are strongly reduced today, mainly due to salmon lice in the fjords and the salmon parasite Gyrodactulus salaris. From summer 2011, there will be no fishing for trout, but the salmon fishing will continue.

Trollveggen Camping sells fishing cards for its own zones, but can also help with information and fishing cards for the whole of Rauma River. A fishing card costs between 100 – 250 NOK depending on zone. Disinfection of the fishing equipment is compulsory after the fishing is finished. This can be done at Trollveggen Camping. There is a 300nok deposit on the sale of the fishing cards; this will be returned after disinfection.

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Hiking in the mountains

There are many great hiking opportunities in the mountains surrounding Trollveggen Camping. In additional to the Romsdalseggen hike, there are hikes from the top of Trollstigen to the cliff face of Trollveggen. From here you will experience the spectacular views up and down the Romsdal valley. A shorter option is Nesaksla in nearby Åndalsnes town. Vengedalen is also available as a short hike, where you can go to Lillefjellet and have the view towards Trollveggen, Romsdalshorn and Vengetindene. 

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This hike over Romsdalseggen goes along Norway’s most beautiful mountains, with breath taking views that even the most experienced hikers would appreciate. 

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NSB Tourist train

The tourist train takes you on a fantastic journey from Åndalsnes, up Romsdal valley, along the Rauma River. From the train you can enjoy the view to Trollveggen, Romsdalshorn, Rauma River, Vermefossen, Kylling Bridge and many other amazing places.
See movie here


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Fishing in the Romsdalsfjord

Join Rauma Fishing safari with the boat m/k Brisen on an adventurous fishing trip. It comprises of a 3 hour fishing trip. Longer trips can be arranged upon request (booking essential).

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Skiri River walks

Svanhild and Arne Skiri have since 2002 offered guided river walks along Rauma River. The walk has spectacular views of the Romsdal valley and the Rauma River. Highly recommended.

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Romsdal Aktiv

Kayak courses, kayak trips, canoe trips, river boarding, rafting, cave trips. In addition to this, we cater for school trips, team building and bachelor parties. All our activities satisfy the requirements for eco-tourism.

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Tuen Wine yard

The northern most wine producer in the world. 14 wine cellars with wine made from local fruit and berries.

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Our own path

From Trollveggen Camping you can follow a small path along Rauma River and the powerful Eiafossen, a several hundred meter walk along the river’s edge surrounded by wild and exciting nature.

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Romsdalen is a climber’s Eldorado with plenty of possibilities. Only 300 meters from Trollveggen Camping you’ll find a small climbing wall with 5 routes. Approximately 3 km up the valley is the well known route Hornaksla, while Trollveggen, the “Manhood test” within international climbing sport is right in front of you if you choose to stay at Trollveggen Camping.

Trollveggen is the highest vertical cliff face in Europe reaching almost 1800 meters high. Of this, 1000 meters are vertical, and on certain parts, the wall has 50 meter overhangs. Trollryggen was first climbed in 1958 by Arne Randers Heen from Åndalsnes and Ralph Høibakk. This was the first climbing route with a sleep over in the mountain wall. Trollryggen still is the longest climbing route in Europe with its 3, 5 km accent.

Before 1965, no one believed it was possible for a human being to climb up the Trollveggen cliff face. But in 1965 a Norwegian and a British team proved otherwise. In 14 days, they reached the top (the Norwegians one day before the British). Later, several routes have been established on Trollveggen. Most routes can be climbed during the winter season.

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It was here, in Trollveggen, parachute jumping from mountains started in Norway in 1980. The Finish, Jorma Öster, was the first to jump from Trollveggen and this attracted parachute jumpers from all over the world.

Several people lost their lives, and in 1986, it became illegal to jump from Trollveggen, despite this, many people still jump from Trollveggen. In recent years it has become popular to jump from Romsdalshorn, which is legal. From Trollveggen Camping you have panorama views of this activity, many jumpers land on the camping grounds. There is also BASE jumping from Karlskråtind, approximately 10 km up the valley, and from Gridsetskolten in Innfjorden, where the annual World BASE Race takes place.