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Romsdalen is a climber’s Eldorado with plenty of possibilities. Only 300 meters from Trollveggen Camping you’ll find a small climbing wall with 5 routes. Approximately 3 km up the valley is the well known route Hornaksla, while Trollveggen, the “Manhood test” within international climbing sport is right in front of you if you choose to stay at Trollveggen Camping.

Trollveggen is the highest vertical cliff face in Europe reaching almost 1800 meters high. Of this, 1000 meters are vertical, and on certain parts, the wall has 50 meter overhangs. Trollryggen was first climbed in 1958 by Arne Randers Heen from Åndalsnes and Ralph Høibakk. This was the first climbing route with a sleep over in the mountain wall. Trollryggen still is the longest climbing route in Europe with its 3, 5 km accent.

Before 1965, no one believed it was possible for a human being to climb up the Trollveggen cliff face. But in 1965 a Norwegian and a British team proved otherwise. In 14 days, they reached the top (the Norwegians one day before the British). Later, several routes have been established on Trollveggen. Most routes can be climbed during the winter season.