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Fishing in Rauma River

Rauma River was previously one of the best salmon and Trout Rivers in the country, with an annual catch of over 10 tonnes. Unfortunately the populations are strongly reduced today, mainly due to salmon lice in the fjords and the salmon parasite Gyrodactulus salaris. From summer 2011, there will be no fishing for trout, but the salmon fishing will continue.

Trollveggen Camping sells fishing cards for its own zones, but can also help with information and fishing cards for the whole of Rauma River. A fishing card costs between 100 – 250 NOK depending on zone. Disinfection of the fishing equipment is compulsory after the fishing is finished. This can be done at Trollveggen Camping. There is a 300nok deposit on the sale of the fishing cards; this will be returned after disinfection.