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The Mardalsfossen is an impressive sight, one you will never forget. From Sandgrovbotnen, 945 meters above sea level, the water flows over the edge and creates Mardalsfossen. The upper part of the waterfall consists of a 297 meters high drop and is rated the highest free fall in North Europe. The total height of the waterfall is 655 meters. Mardalsfossen is regulated for power supply, but it has a guaranteed water flow from 20th of June to 20th of August.

From Trollveggen Camping you have two options to get to Mardalsfossen:

1) The shortest way is to drive up Romsdalen, approximatley 32 km along E 136, turn left at Brude and stay to the right.. Follow the gravel road until it ends (30 km). It will take you about 30 min to walk to the edge of the waterfall. From there, the view over Eikesdalsvannet, Eikesdalen and Mardalsfossen is one of a kind.

2) The other way is to follow E 136 to Åndalsnes. Drive so towards Åfarnes, over Wisdalsheia and down towards Eresfjorden. Take a right turn and drive to Eikesdalen. From the bottom of the valley it will take you 20 minutes to walk to the waterfall. NB, bring rain gear. Approximately 113 km one way. If you wish to make a round trip, you can continue up the Aursjø road, that will take you to the mountain plateau, past Aursjøen and down Litldalen in Sunndalsøra. Then continue past Eidsvågen- Eresfjord – Åfarnes- Åndalsnes. A great day trip.