Trollstigen lies only a few kilometers northwest of Trollveggen Camping and is Norway’s most visited tourist road (RV 63).

Trollstigen has been a tourist magnet since its opening in 1936. In the steep mountain sides Trollstigvegen makes 11 hair pin turns as it winds its way to the top, surrounded by the peaks, Bispen, Kongen and Dronningen). Some parts of the road are carved into the mountain while other points it is built up by brick. The road crosses over Stigfossen on an impressive stone bridge. A new section of road in the bottom two turns has given the road a better nature experience. Trollstigen is part of the National Tourist Road: Geiranger – Trollstigen. You can also experience the area by foot, on Kløvstien – the old “road” over Trollstigen.

Facts about Trollstigen:

  • Norway’s most visited tourist road
  • Trollstigen is closed in the winter months. Normal opening : medio May – medio September.
  • Steepness 1: 12
  • Maximum length for buses: 12, 4 meters.